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With over 25+ years of experience in the transport industry, we have become solely dedicated to the copier logistics industry.

Shipping Copier's - our niche is the transportation of copy machines all over the East coast. We transport machines for everyone from: retail deliveries, lease returns and even wholesalers. Our staff is knowledgeable with all the essentials and can easily install and de-install finishers so that you do not need to send your own technicians to get the machine up and running.

Areas of Service - Our fleet of properly equipped trucks cover New York, New Jersey and Connecticut daily. We also have frequent trips from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia.

Lease Return Program- Are you losing money from missing lease return dates losing valuable space in your location because your waiting to return it to the leasing company? If yes, can definitely help you with this. We store machines for many of our customers until their return date and then ship them to their appropriate leasing center.

Warehousing/Copy Machine Storage - Need more space in your office? Let us store your copy machines in our secured and climate controlled location. During the storage term you will have full access to your copier or can call us if you have any questions or concern regarding your copier. If you provide us with the date of your Letter of Intent, our staff will send you a reminder so that J.E.T. can proceed with the shipping your machine.

Stair Jobs - We are equipped with stair equipment for all sorts of copiers, wide format machines and even cutter’s. Our experienced staff knows how to operate and safely tackle any stair jobs.

New Copier Dealer? - Don't waste your money during these tough time on a warehouse and tech shop, just use ours! We will receive your freight, store it, un-box and deliver it to the customer upon your request.

Copier Disposal - Outdated copiers or just want to dispose of you copy machine? We do that also, we ensure that your equipment is handled in accordance with applicable environmental regulations ensuring to recycle at least 90% of your copiers material. Getting a link from you can read how we are able to dispose of your copier in a manner appropriate with the environment.